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Which of the following therapists developed rational emotive behavior therapy?

A) B. F. Skinner
B) Aaron Beck
C) Albert Ellis
D) Irvin Yalom

Rational-emotive Behavior Therapy

A form of psychotherapy that helps individuals identify self-defeating thoughts and feelings, challenge the rationality of those feelings, and replace them with healthier, more productive beliefs.

Albert Ellis

An American psychologist known for developing Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), a form of psychotherapy aimed at resolving emotional and behavioral problems.

  • Identify the founders or key figures associated with various therapeutic methods.

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Albert Ellis developed rational emotive behavior therapy, which focuses on identifying irrational beliefs and replacing them with rational ones. B.F. Skinner is associated with the development of behaviorism, Aaron Beck with cognitive therapy, and Irvin Yalom with existential therapy.