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Which of the following terms would indicate a destination contract?

A) F.O.B. city of buyer.
B) F.O.B. city of seller.
C) C.I.F.
D) F.A.S. seller's port.

Destination Contract

A contract specifying that the sale of goods will be completed upon their arrival at a specified location.

F.O.B. City

Refers to "Free on Board" at a certain city, indicating that the seller is responsible for the goods until they are loaded onto a transport vehicle at a specified location.

  • Distinguish between various types of contracts (shipment, destination) and the associated responsibilities of the parties involved.

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Explanation :
A destination contract is indicated by terms that specify delivery to the buyer's location or a specific destination, hence "F.O.B. city of buyer" means the seller is responsible for the goods until they reach the buyer's city, fitting the definition of a destination contract.