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Which of the following strategies is recommended for work with hostile or involuntary clients?

A) Treat such members with respect.
B) Discourage members from venting their unhappiness as it will just increase their hostility.
C) If a member continues to be verbally abusive, the leader should immediately confront the member and extend the session until the member is calm.
D) All of these are correct.

Hostile Clients

Individuals who exhibit aggressive or uncooperative behavior towards professionals, such as healthcare providers or customer service workers.

Verbal Abuse

The use of words to cause harm to theperson being spoken to, including insults, threats, and excessive criticism, often undermining the victim's self-esteem and mental health.

  • Identify strategies for managing hostile or involuntary clients.

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Treating clients with respect, even when they are hostile or involuntary, helps in establishing a therapeutic relationship and can reduce resistance. It is a fundamental principle in social work and counseling. Discouraging clients from expressing their feelings or confronting them aggressively can exacerbate the situation rather than help resolve it.