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Which of the following statements is true regarding psychopathy?

A) People with psychopathy have never been able to achieve professional success.
B) When they need to, people with psychopathy can be gracious and cheerful.
C) Almost all people with psychopathy are unable to maintain an outward appearance of normality.
D) People with psychopathy often lack intellectual abilities and can't execute neurocognitive functions.
  • The relationship between psychopathy and professional success is complex and varies among individuals.
  • People with psychopathy can display gracious and cheerful behavior when it serves their interests or manipulative goals.
  • While some individuals with psychopathy struggle to maintain an outward appearance of normality, not all of them face this challenge.

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While it is true that psychopathy is a personality disorder characterized by traits such as lack of empathy, manipulation, and impulsivity, it is not true that all people with psychopathy are unsuccessful or unable to maintain an outward appearance of normality. In fact, some studies have found that individuals with psychopathy can be charming and able to manipulate others to achieve their goals. However, this does not mean that their behavior is not harmful, and psychopathy is still associated with increased risk for criminal behavior and other negative outcomes.