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Which of the following statements is true about sentence length?

A) The more words and ideas there are in a sentence, the lesser the likelihood of misunderstanding.
B) Business audiences prefer longer sentences because they provide more information.
C) Business audiences tend to prefer long, complex sentences instead of short ones.
D) Business audiences prefer longer sentences because they are more persuasive.
E) Moderately long sentences should be used to de-emphasize less important content.

Sentence Length

The measurement of a sentence determined by the number of words it contains, influencing the readability and tone of a text.

Business Audiences

Groups of people in a professional setting who receive, assess, and respond to business communications.

  • Manage emphasis in sentences to enhance message effectiveness.

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Explanation :
Moderately long sentences (around 20-25 words) are best for business communication because they provide enough detail without overwhelming the reader. Additionally, using longer sentences to de-emphasize less important content can help guide the reader's attention to the most important points.