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Which of the following statements about African figurative sculpture is NOT true?

A) It can stand in place of a person who has died.
B) It is not concerned with realistic representation.
C) It is a mediator between ancestors and the living.
D) It can reflect knowledge, experience, and identity.

African Figurative Sculpture

Sculptural art from Africa that represents human or animal figures, reflecting the continent's diverse cultures and artistic traditions.


An individual or party that facilitates communication and negotiation between conflicting parties to help them reach an agreement or resolve a dispute.

  • Acquire insight into the symbolism and meaning of distinct African masks and sculptures.

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African figurative sculpture often embodies a concern with realistic representation, although this is not its sole or primary focus. The art form is deeply rooted in conveying spiritual, social, and moral values, and while it may abstract or stylize figures, this does not mean it entirely disregards realistic representation.