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Which of the following sentences uses a cluttering phrase?

A) At that point in time when Bella was a student, she learnt the nuances of cooking.
B) Swimming and fishing are my favorite summer activities.
C) We were talking about favorite sport, when I mentioned that mine was basketball.
D) I outlined the report slowly and carefully.
E) How long have you been exercising in the gym?


Subtle differences or distinctions in expression, meaning, or response.

Point in Time

A specific moment or period at which an event occurs or at which a condition or state is observed.

Cluttering Phrase

An unnecessary or redundant phrase that complicates clarity in communication.

  • Identify the difference between adept and inept utilization of sentences, which includes steering clear of unnecessary phrases, preserving diversity in sentence construction, and correctly arranging ideas in a hierarchical manner.

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Explanation :
"At that point in time" is a cluttering phrase, as it can be simplified to "when" without losing any meaning.