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Which of the following sentences is gender-neutral?

A) A teacher is responsible for his students' behavior in class.
B) He was elected as the chairman of the committee.
C) All the freshmen assembled outside the dean's office.
D) You can call a policeman when in need.
E) Please ask the coordinator for directions.


Language or policies that do not discriminate between sexes or genders, aiming for inclusivity and fairness.


A coordinator is a person or role designated to organize and align the activities and efforts of a team or project towards achieving set goals or objectives.


First-year students in a high school, college, or university.

  • Recognize gender-neutral language and its importance in inclusive communication.

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Mar 10, 2024

Final Answer :
Explanation :
The sentence "Please ask the coordinator for directions" does not specify a gender for the coordinator, making it gender-neutral. The other sentences use masculine pronouns or words that are traditionally associated with males, making them gendered.