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Which of the following is true of the unity of direction principle?

A) One person should be in charge of all activities that have the same performance objective.
B) Guidelines must be written and kept for historical record.
C) Each person should receive orders from only one boss.
D) There should be a clear and unbroken line of communication from the top to the bottom in an organization.
E) Workers should be selected and promoted on ability, competency, and performance.

Unity of Direction Principle

A leadership principle suggesting that team members should work towards the same objectives in a coordinated and cohesive manner.

  • Acknowledge the essential nature of maintaining clear lines of communication and understanding the scalar chain's role in organizational contexts.

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The unity of direction principle, part of Henri Fayol's classical management theories, posits that activities with similar objectives should be directed by one manager using one plan. This ensures that efforts are coordinated and aligned towards the same goals.