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Which of the following is the most logical sequence for a commencing organisation?

A) Control, feedback, planning
B) Planning, control, feedback
C) Feedback (feedforward) , planning, control, feedback
D) Control, planning, feedback

Commencing Organisation

The process of starting up a new business or organization, including the steps of planning, financing, and implementing business operations.


A control mechanism that anticipates and regulates performance based on predictions and external inputs before feedback is received.

Logical Sequence

The orderly and coherent arrangement of steps or events following a logically connected and successive pattern.

  • Understand the sequence of processes in management accounting.

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A logical sequence for a commencing organization would be to first establish a plan, then implement controls to ensure that the plan is being carried out effectively, and finally provide feedback to evaluate the success of the plan and inform future planning decisions. Therefore, the correct sequence is planning, control, feedback.