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Which of the following is the best example of a genetic polymorphism?​

A) ​ABO blood groups
B) ​sickle-cell anemia
C) ​trisomy-3
D) ​straight hair

Genetic Polymorphism

The occurrence of two or more different alleles of a gene in a population, leading to genetic variation among individuals.

ABO Blood Groups

A classification of human blood based on the presence or absence of antigens on the surface of red blood cells, which is significant for blood donation and transfusion compatibility.

  • Spot and expound on the biological aspects leading to differences and adaptability in humans.
  • Identify the influence of genetics on both diversity and commonality in humans.

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ABO blood groups are the best example of a genetic polymorphism because there are three alleles (A, B, and O) that can result in four different blood types (A, B, AB, and O) within a population. This variation is maintained in the population due to balancing selection, where each blood type has its own advantages and disadvantages in different environmental conditions. Sickle-cell anemia, trisomy-3, and straight hair are not examples of genetic polymorphisms as they do not involve multiple alleles and do not display variation within a population to the same extent as ABO blood groups.