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Which of the following is not an appropriate part of the ending process?

A) summarizing the emotional reactions of members to the group ending
B) soliciting feedback on how to improve future groups
C) offering an additional session to complete unfinished business
D) a clean, fast break

Clean Break

An immediate and clear termination of a relationship or situation, without ongoing entanglements.

Emotional Reactions

The automatic, often unconscious, responses of feelings and emotions to a particular stimulus or situation.

  • Comprehend the necessity of developing rapport to facilitate better group dynamics.
  • Learn about the different stages involved in the development of a group and their impact on the cohesiveness of the group and behaviors of its members.

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A clean, fast break is not considered an appropriate part of the ending process in group settings. Effective endings typically involve summarizing experiences, soliciting feedback, and addressing unfinished business, all aimed at facilitating closure and reflection. A sudden or abrupt ending can leave members feeling unresolved and unsupported.