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Which of the following is NOT a typical environment in which a sedimentary rock forms?

A) beside glaciers
B) river channels
C) heating next to a magma
D) deep seafloor
E) shoreline of a lake

Sedimentary Rock

A type of rock that forms from the accumulation and cementation of mineral and organic particles, often in layered deposits.


Molten rock located beneath the surface of the Earth, which can form intrusive or extrusive igneous rocks upon cooling.

  • Distinguish and sort the three foremost families of rocks: sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic.
  • Determine the environmental conditions conducive to the formation of sedimentary rocks and the variables that influence the conveyance and deposit of sediments.

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Sedimentary rocks typically form from the accumulation of sediments in environments like rivers, lakes, the seafloor, and beside glaciers. They do not form from heating next to magma; that process is associated with the formation of igneous or metamorphic rocks.