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Which of the following is not a test taker bias variable?

A) Language barriers
B) Internal structure
C) Motivation
D) Test familiarity

Test Taker Bias

A predisposition or inclination that affects how a person responds to test questions, potentially skewing the results.

Language Barriers

Communication obstacles that occur when people do not share a common language, affecting understanding and interaction.

Internal Structure

The correlations between items and the total test score, including the pattern of correlations.

  • Distinguish between various test taker bias variables and their impact on assessment outcomes.

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Feb 29, 2024

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Explanation :
Internal structure is not a test taker bias variable. It refers to the characteristics of the test itself, such as its design, format, and item difficulty, rather than the characteristics of the test taker. The other options, language barriers, motivation, and test familiarity, all refer to factors that could affect a test taker's performance on a test.