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Which of the following is an initial consideration for selecting an intervention strategy?​

A) ​Is the approach appropriate for addressing service goals?
B) ​Is the approach cost-efficient regardless of its effectiveness?
C) ​Is the approach the best way to publicize a social problem?
D) ​Is the approach applicable in solving a social problem?

Intervention Strategy

A planned set of actions or procedures designed to address a problem, often within a therapeutic, educational, or social context.

Service Goals

The target outcomes or objectives that a service aims to achieve in order to fulfill its mission or satisfy its stakeholders.


Describes an approach or process that achieves the best possible outcome or productivity with the minimum expense or effort.

  • Understand the requirements and methodologies for selecting appropriate intervention strategies.

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When selecting an intervention strategy, the initial consideration should be whether the approach is appropriate for addressing service goals. This means that the strategy should align with the goals of the service or program and be tailored to meet the specific needs of the population it is serving. Other considerations such as cost-effectiveness, publicity, and applicability can be evaluated after ensuring that the approach is addressing the specific service goals.