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Which of the following is an effective way to offer praise in a message?

A) Share your credentials before offering specific praise
B) Ensure the audience understands your expertise in making the statement
C) Identify a specific quality that deserves praise
D) Add an endorsement to the positive statement
E) Incorporate hyperbole whenever possible

Specific Praise

Positive feedback that is detailed and focused on particular aspects of someone's performance or work.


Qualifications, achievements, personal qualities, or aspects of one's background, typically used to indicate that they are suitable for something.

  • Identify the significance of integrity and moral principles in successful communication.

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Identifying a specific quality that deserves praise is an effective way to offer praise in a message. This makes the praise more meaningful and shows the recipient that their efforts are recognized and appreciated. Sharing credentials, using hyperbole, or adding endorsements may weaken the impact of the praise.