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Which of the following is a true statement regarding hearing impairments?

A) If an individual has a hearing impairment,it means he or she is deaf
B) Typically,testing modifications are not used with individuals with a hearing impairment
C) The magnitude of hearing loss can range from slight to profound
D) Verbal assessments are typically used to measure IQ

Hearing Impairments

A range of conditions that affect an individual's ability to hear fully or partially, impacting communication and daily activities.


Describes the size, extent, or importance of an object, phenomenon, or effect.

Verbal Assessments

Evaluations that involve spoken questions and answers to gauge an individual's knowledge, skills, or psychological state.

  • Acknowledge the range of hearing impairments and the implications for testing and assessment.

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Explanation :
The statement that the magnitude of hearing loss can range from slight to profound is true. Option A is not true as hearing impairment does not necessarily mean complete deafness. Option B is not true as testing modifications such as sign language or amplified audio may be used for individuals with hearing impairment. Option D is unrelated to the topic of hearing impairment.