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Which of the following is a true statement about program evaluation?

A) They are carried out using established research methods
B) There are standard templates that describe what a program evaluation should look like
C) They are a quick and easy way to determine effectiveness of a program
D) They are typically only implemented in mental health clinics

Program Evaluation

A process that allows counselors to systematically collect and analyze information about a program and determine its merit, worth, or significance.


The degree to which a particular intervention, process, or activity achieves its intended outcome or results.

Research Methods

Systematic processes used to collect and analyze data to increase understanding of a topic or issue.

  • Recognize the importance and methods of program evaluation in counseling.

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Program evaluations are carried out using established research methods to analyze data and determine the effectiveness of a program. While there may be standard guidelines for program evaluation, there is no one template that fits all programs. Program evaluations are not a quick and easy process and can take significant time and resources to complete. They are not limited to mental health clinics and can be applied to any program or intervention.