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Which of the following is a common setting for a spring?

A) the water table intersects the surface
B) a permeable rock overlies a less permeable one
C) sedimentary rocks overlie crystalline rocks along an unconformity
D) all of these
E) none of these

Water Table

The level below the Earth's surface where the ground is completely saturated with water, marking the boundary between the unsaturated soil above and the saturated zone below.

Permeable Rock

Rock that allows water to pass through it due to the presence of spaces, or pores, within its structure.


A surface of contact between two groups of unconformable strata, indicating a period of erosion or non-deposition between successive strata.

  • Identify typical environments for the development of springs.

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All of the options listed are common settings where springs can occur. Springs often form where water tables intersect the Earth's surface, where permeable rock overlies less permeable rock, and along unconformities between sedimentary and crystalline rocks.