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Which of the following effects are important issues related to time sampling error?

A) Fatigue
B) Practice effect
C) Carryover effect
D) All of the above

Time Sampling Error

An error that occurs in statistical analysis when the data collected or observed are not representative of the time period intended.

Practice Effect

A situation in which individuals improve their scores across test administrations as a result of increased familiarity and comfort with a test and the content that is being assessed.


A situation where clients tire from multiple administrations of a test and their performance decreases as they grow weary of the testing process.

  • Identify issues related to time sampling error.

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Feb 29, 2024

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All three effects (fatigue, practice effect, and carryover effect) are important issues related to time sampling error. Fatigue refers to a decrease in performance due to exhaustion, boredom, or distractions. Practice effect refers to the improvement in performance due to repeated testing or practice. Carryover effect refers to the influence of a previous task on a subsequent task. Failing to control for these effects can lead to inaccurate or unreliable data. Therefore, it is essential to minimize time sampling error to ensure the validity and reliability of research findings.