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Which of the following describes the function of tatanua masks in malanggan mortuary ceremonies?

A) They represent spirits of the legendary great ancestors.
B) They represent the spirit of the god Malanggan.
C) They represent spirits of specific deceased people.
D) They represent nature spirits in flora and fauna.

Tatanua Masks

Ceremonial masks from New Ireland, Papua New Guinea, used in rituals and known for their vibrant colors and elaborate designs.

Malanggan Mortuary

Refers to the intricate carvings and ceremonies associated with the mortuary practices of the Malanggan culture in New Ireland, Papua New Guinea.

  • Explore the artistic and cultural expressions dealing with death, ancestry, and supernatural concepts in Oceanic societies.

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Tatanua masks are used in malanggan mortuary ceremonies to represent the spirits of specific deceased individuals. These ceremonies are an important cultural tradition in parts of Melanesia, particularly in New Ireland Province of Papua New Guinea, where the masks play a crucial role in the rituals that honor the dead and help their spirits move on.