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Which of the following are drugs derived from animal substances?

A) Thyroid hormone and insulin
B) Potassium chloride and mineral oil
C) Cephalosporin and penicillin
D) Digitoxin and quinine
E) Ibuprofen and aspirin

Animal Substances

Materials or products derived from the bodies of animals, often used in food, medicine, or industry.

Thyroid Hormone

A hormone produced by the thyroid gland that increases energy production, stimulates protein synthesis, and speeds up the repair of damaged tissue.

  • Determine the origins of assorted drugs, emanating from bacteria, fungi, minerals, animals, and plants.

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Thyroid hormone and insulin are examples of drugs derived from animal substances. Thyroid hormone can be sourced from animal thyroids, and insulin was originally derived from the pancreas of cows and pigs before synthetic versions were developed.