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Which method of treating a client with a phobia of spiders would be the most intense, if not terrifying, for the client?

A) flooding
B) graduated exposure
C) systematic desensitization
D) counterconditioning

Graduated Exposure

In behavior therapy, a method in which a person suffering from a phobia or panic attacks is gradually taken into the feared situation or exposed to a traumatic memory until the anxiety subsides.

Systematic Desensitization

A behavioral therapy technique used to help individuals overcome phobias and anxiety disorders through gradual exposure to the feared object or situation.


In behavior therapy, a form of exposure treatment in which the client is taken directly into a feared situation until his or her panic subsides.

  • Identify and describe various techniques used in behavior therapy, such as flooding, systematic desensitization, and counterconditioning.

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Flooding is the most intense method of treating a phobia as it involves exposing the client to the phobic stimulus at full intensity for a prolonged period of time, without any gradual or incremental exposure. This can be overwhelming and frightening for the client.