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Which item below is a hindrance stressor?

A) job complexity
B) workload
C) deadlines
D) role ambiguity

Hindrance Stressor

Refers to stress-causing factors that are perceived as obstacles to progress, potentially leading to frustration and hindering personal or professional development.

Job Complexity

The degree to which a job requires a variety of skills and abilities, and the extent to which tasks are varied and complicated.


The amount of work assigned to or expected from a person within a given time period.

  • Differentiate between challenge and hindrance stressors and their impacts on work dynamics.

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Hindrance stressors are conditions that hinder progress toward personal accomplishments or goal attainment. Role ambiguity, where an individual is unclear about their job duties, expectations, or the scope of their responsibilities, is a classic example of a hindrance stressor because it can prevent an employee from performing effectively or understanding how to succeed in their role.