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Which is NOT an element that field notes should consistently contain?

A) Date and time the ethnographer entered and exited the field
B) An exhaustive list of every person encountered in the field
C) A brief,descriptive topic level that captures the essence of the session
D) A page number

Ethnographer Entered

A situation in which an ethnographer enters a community or field setting to conduct observational research.

Exhaustive List

A complete list that includes every possible element or item within a defined category or set without omission.

Descriptive Topic

A topic focused on describing characteristics, attributes, or elements of a subject without imposing interpretation or analyzing causes/effects.

  • Acknowledge the significance of timing and content in recording field notes for ethnographic research.

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While it is important to document people encountered in the field, an exhaustive list of every person may not necessarily be relevant or feasible in all research situations. It is more important to focus on documenting key informants and those who are relevant to the research questions.