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Which fallacy is committed by the following argument? Natalie is a pillar of our community, and pillars are made of stone or wood.So Natalie must be made of stone or wood.

A) ad hominem
B) hasty generalization
C) equivocation
D) appeal to majority
E) post hoc


The deceptive application of a word that has multiple meanings or senses.


A structural element used to support buildings and large structures, known for its strength and stability.

  • Identify the error of equivocation and understand its role in obscuring arguments with ambiguous terms or dual interpretations.

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Mar 10, 2024

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Explanation :
The fallacy committed is equivocation, where the word "pillar" is used in two different senses: first, to describe a person of great support or importance within a community, and second, in its literal sense as a physical column made of stone or wood. This misuse of the term creates a misleading argument.