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Which documentation by the nurse is most appropriate?

A) "The patient states would except moving to a semi-private room."
B) "Developed aspiration pneumonia due to dysphasia."
C) "Bruise noted on right side over fractured abdimin."
D) "Right jugular vein distended."

Aspiration Pneumonia

A type of pneumonia caused by inhaling food, stomach acid, or saliva into the lungs, leading to an inflammatory response and potentially serious lung infection.


A language disorder marked by impairment in the ability to produce or comprehend spoken or written language due to brain injury.

Jugular Vein

A large vein in the neck that carries blood from the head to the heart.

  • Recognize and document patient data accurately and comprehensively.

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Explanation :
Right jugular vein distended is the only entry without spelling errors.Correct spelling demonstrates competency and attention to detail.Misspelled words lead to confusion.For example,often words sound the same but have different meanings such as accept and except or dysphagia and dysphasia.Misspellings and incorrect use of terms alters the intended meaning.Not only is abdomen misspelled,but an abdomen cannot be fractured.