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Which device has saved many thousands of sea turtles from shrimp trawlers? 

A)  gill nets 
B)  shrimp rakers 
C)  sonic devices that scare turtles away 
D)  turtle exclusion devices

Turtle Exclusion Devices

Tools fitted to fishing nets that allow turtles to escape, thus reducing turtle bycatch in fishing operations.

Shrimp Trawlers

Fishing vessels designed for trawling the ocean floor to catch shrimp, often criticized for causing ecological damage.

Sea Turtles

Marine reptiles characterized by a bony or leathery shell and paddled limbs, belonging to the order Testudines.

  • Identify technological advancements and management practices aimed at reducing bycatch and safeguarding marine life.

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Turtle exclusion devices (TEDs) are devices that are installed on shrimp trawlers to prevent sea turtles from getting caught in the nets. They are designed to allow turtles and other larger sea creatures to escape while still allowing shrimp and other target species to be caught. TEDs have saved many thousands of sea turtles from getting trapped in fishing nets and drowning.