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Which defense mechanism involves reversion to an earlier phase of psychological development?

A) repression
B) regression
C) displacement
D) projection

Psychological Development

The changes in cognitive, emotional, and social capabilities and behaviors across the lifespan, influenced by a mixture of genetic and environmental factors.

Defense Mechanism

Psychological strategies used unconsciously by individuals to protect themselves from anxiety and to manage emotional conflict and internal or external stressors.


A defense mechanism in psychoanalytic theory where unpleasant thoughts, memories, or desires are excluded from conscious awareness.

  • Comprehend the principles of fixation and regression within the context of psychosexual development.

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Regression is the defense mechanism that involves reversion to an earlier phase of psychological development. This can manifest in behaviors such as temper tantrums, clinging to caregivers, or using language from an earlier developmental stage. Repression involves pushing unacceptable thoughts or feelings into the unconscious mind, displacement involves redirecting emotions from a threatening object to a less threatening object, and projection involves attributing one's own undesirable thoughts or feelings onto someone else.