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Which artist specialized in on-location portraits of individuals who were visiting Italy as part of the Grand Tour?

A) Pierre Corneille
B) Pompeo Batoni
C) Antonio Canaletto
D) Cesare de Seta

Grand Tour

A cultural and educational trip traditionally undertaken by young European aristocrats of the 17th and 18th centuries to major European cities to enrich their education.

Pompeo Batoni

An 18th-century Italian painter known for his classical portraits and historical subjects, representative of the Grand Tour artistic patronage.

On-Location Portraits

Photography or portrait painting that takes place in a specific, often meaningful, environment outside of a studio, capturing the subject in a natural or significant setting.

  • Identify the impact that the Grand Tour had on art movements such as Neoclassicism during the 18th century.
  • Identify prominent artists and their benefactors in the 18th century along with their contributions to the arts and society.

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Pompeo Batoni was renowned for his portraits of Grand Tour visitors to Italy, capturing the elite in their fashionable quest for culture and education.