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When the nurse takes the patient's hand,the patient quickly pulls it back.How will the nurse interpret this patient's behavior?

A) The patient is unable to express feelings.
B) The patient is uncomfortable with being touched.
C) The patient has impaired social skills with others.
D) The patient has difficulty with nonverbal communication.

Nonverbal Communication

The process of conveying a message without using words, through gestures, facial expressions, and body language.

Impaired Social Skills

Difficulty in performing or understanding social interactions and cues appropriately.

Express Feelings

The act of verbalizing or demonstrating emotions or sentiments to others, often for emotional release or communication.

  • Understand the role of nonverbal cues in communication.

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Explanation :
Nurses need to remain sensitive to their actions as well as the patient's feelings.If a patient refuses to hold a nurse's hand while in pain or pulls away from physical contact,this signals that the patient is uncomfortable with being touched by the nurse.It does not imply impaired social skills,inability to express feelings,or difficulty with nonverbal communication.