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When someone states,"I don't have money to start a business," what fact might you tell them to consider?

A) Most businesses start without any formal investment.
B) This is a valid reason for not starting a business.
C) Formal investment will be needed to make a successful company.
D) People who have no money cannot start a business.


The process of raising funding for a new venture from a large audience (the “crowd”), typically through the Internet.

  • The potential for bootstrapping a business, where entrepreneurs use their own resources and creativity to get started.
  • The significance of developing a solid business plan and demonstrating its potential to attract investors or secure loans.
  • The importance of exploring alternative funding options for starting a business.

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Feb 18, 2024

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Many businesses do not require substantial start-up costs and can be started with minimal investment. There are various ways to obtain funding, including loans, grants, and investors, which are accessible to those who may not have personal savings to start a business. Therefore, not having money upfront should not necessarily be a barrier to starting a business.