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When family members establish roles that are defined by the disordered substance use and their behaviour actually prevents changes in the abuse pattern, they are referred to as

A) scapegoats.
B) facilitators.
C) codependents.
D) enmeshed.
E) resistant.

Disordered Substance Use

A condition marked by an unhealthy pattern of substance use leading to significant impairment or distress.

Family Members

Individuals related by blood, marriage, or adoption who typically share a close personal connection and may influence one another's health and behavior.


Individuals or mechanisms that make a process easier or assist in achieving a desired outcome.

  • Acquire insight into the role of family participation in the treatment process for substance use disorders and the idea of relapse mitigation.

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Codependents often adjust their behavior and roles within the family to accommodate and enable the substance abuse pattern, inadvertently preventing change.