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When contemporary researchers think about the role of the brain for the regulation of hunger,what tends to be their focus

A)  anatomical centres 
B)  overall size of the brain 
C)  neural circuits 
D)  amount of electrical activity in the hindbrain

Neural Circuits

Networks of interconnected neurons that work together to perform specific functions or behaviors in the brain and nervous system.

Anatomical Centres

Specific areas of the body or brain that are responsible for particular physiological functions or processes.

Brain Regulation

The processes by which the brain controls and coordinates bodily functions and responses to external and internal stimuli.

  • Acquire knowledge about how certain bodily states and hormonal activities shape hunger and consumption behaviors.

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Contemporary researchers tend to focus on neural circuits in the brain for the regulation of hunger, rather than anatomical centers or overall size of the brain. They look at how different areas of the brain communicate and send signals related to hunger and satiety.