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When an interviewer assumes that questions are sufficiently comprehensive and simple to elicit all information relevant to the study's topics,all questions have been worded in a manner that lets the respondent clearly understand what is being asked,and the meaning of the question is identical to all respondents,the researcher will use a(n)

A) semistandardized interview.
B) standardized interview.
C) creative interview.
D) unstandardized interview.

Standardized Interview

An interview technique in which all respondents are asked the same set of predetermined questions in the same order, ensuring consistency in data collection.

Semistandardized Interview

An interviewing technique that partially structures the conversation, allowing for preplanned questions while also permitting spontaneous follow-up queries based on the interviewee's responses.

Creative Interview

An interviewing technique that employs innovative questions or formats to elicit deep, insightful responses from participants.

  • Identify and contrast the different interview formats, understanding their suitable usage contexts.

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A standardized interview is characterized by comprehensive and simple questions, clear wording, and consistent meaning across all respondents. This ensures that the same information is gathered from all participants in a reliable and valid way. A semistandardized interview allows for some flexibility and adaptation in the wording and sequencing of questions. A creative interview is more open-ended and exploratory, allowing the interviewer to deviate from a set of pre-determined questions. An unstandardized interview has no set structure or questions, and is generally not used in empirical research.