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What was the first test to measure vocational development?

A) Career Maturity Inventory-Form C
B) Test of Career Development
C) Career Maturity Inventory-Revised
D) Adult Maturity Scale

Vocational Development

The process of developing and advancing in one's career or professional life, often involving the acquisition of skills and experience.

Career Maturity Inventory

A psychological assessment tool designed to evaluate an individual's readiness and ability to make career decisions.

Test of Career Development

An assessment tool designed to evaluate an individual's development in their career path and identify areas for growth.

  • Understand the historical development and purpose of vocational and career assessment tools.

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The Career Maturity Inventory-Revised (CMI-R) was the first standardized instrument designed to assess vocational development. It was created in the 1960s by John Crites and his colleagues at the University of Minnesota. The CMI-R measures attitudes and behaviors related to career planning and decision making. It has been widely used in research studies and career counseling settings.