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What type of personality assessments are unstructured in nature,often with ambiguous stimuli presented in order to elicit responses from the examinee?

A) Objective
B) Projective
C) Standardized
D) Norm-referenced

Unstructured Assessments

Another term used to describe projective assessments.

Ambiguous Stimuli

Stimuli that can be interpreted in multiple ways, often used in psychological tests to assess perception and personality.


Projective refers to psychological tests or techniques that encourage individuals to project their thoughts, feelings, and perceptions onto ambiguous stimuli, revealing hidden aspects of their personality.

  • Distinguish between objective, projective, and informal personality assessment techniques.

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Projective personality assessments are unstructured in nature and present ambiguous stimuli to elicit responses from the examinee. Examples of projective personality assessments include the Rorschach Inkblot Test and the Thematic Apperception Test. Objective personality assessments, on the other hand, have clear and specific questions or statements that the examinee must respond to in a structured format. Standardized and norm-referenced refer to the method of administration and scoring of the assessment, rather than the nature of the stimuli presented.