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What step might be taken in the United States if some disclosure of your product is necessary in order to obtain funding,obtain raw materials,or otherwise develop the product?

A) Mark all prototypes and designs with the company name.
B) File for a patent under your personal name instead of the company.
C) File for a provisional patent.
D) Change the nature of the product after you have disclosed it.


A grant of exclusive property rights on inventions through the U.S. and other governments.

  • Identifying the potential risks and benefits associated with disclosing product information.
  • Evaluating different strategies for protecting the product, such as filing for a patent or provisional patent.
  • Understanding the importance of protecting intellectual property in the product development process.

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Feb 18, 2024

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Filing for a provisional patent allows you to temporarily protect your invention while you continue to develop it and secure funding. This gives you some legal protection without fully disclosing all the details of your product. This way, you can continue to pitch your product without the risk of someone stealing your idea.