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What racial incident was provoked by reporters covering Jeremy Lin's success as a professional basketball player in the United States?

A) ​They used a racial slur to refer to him.
B) ​They refused to publish a photo of him.
C) ​They would only speak to him in Chinese.
D) ​They used him as an example of what is negative about Chinese.

Jeremy Lin

An American professional basketball player known for his success in the NBA and inspiring the popular term "Linsanity."

Racial Incident

An event characterized by the expression of racism or discrimination against individuals based on their race or ethnicity.

Racial Slur

A derogatory term or expression used to insult or show disrespect to someone based on their race or ethnicity.

  • Analyze incidents and terminology that reflect racial biases in media.

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Some reporters used a racial slur in their coverage of Jeremy Lin's success, referring to him as a "chink in the armor." This incident sparked widespread backlash and prompted discussion about the use of racist language in sports journalism.