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What is the first step in creating and identifying opportunities?

A) market analysis
B) cost-benefit analysis
C) idea generation
D) product testing


The capacity to produce new ideas, insights, inventions, products, or artistic objects that are considered to be unique, useful, and of value to others.

  • Understanding the market through market analysis
  • Evaluating the potential costs and benefits through cost-benefit analysis
  • Generating ideas for potential opportunities

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Zemfira Hovsepyan

Feb 18, 2024

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The first step in creating and identifying opportunities is idea generation, where potential ideas are brainstormed, researched, and analyzed. This process can be done through various methods such as trend analysis, customer feedback, and industry research. Once a list of potential ideas is created, the other steps such as market analysis, cost-benefit analysis, and product testing can be done to determine the best opportunities.