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What is the correct position to place a patient in after ingestion of a poison?

A) On the left side
B) Sitting up
C) Lying prone
D) Lying supine
E) In a semi-Fowler's position

Semi-Fowler's Position

A seating position where the patient is inclined at an angle between 15 to 45 degrees; often used to promote comfort and respiratory function.


The intake of food or other substances into the body through the mouth, the first step in digestion.

  • Detect the symptoms and execute emergency interventions for poisoning episodes.

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Mar 10, 2024

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Placing a patient on their left side, known as the left lateral decubitus position, helps prevent aspiration of the poison into the lungs if the patient vomits. This position uses gravity to keep the airway clear by allowing vomit to drain out of the mouth, which is safer than lying supine, prone, or in other positions that could increase the risk of aspiration.