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What is "boundary work"?

A) the collection of practices by which families separate and integrate themselves into the communities around them
B) the formal associations,such as churches or social clubs,that defy racial divisions in society
C) the welcoming symbolic gestures in immigrant communities,for Spanish-speakers in particular
D) the collection of practices by which people maintain or challenge racial relations of exclusivity or inclusivity

Boundary Work

Activities undertaken by social groups to create, maintain, or modify the divisions and distinctions that define and separate them from others, often based on race, ethnicity, class, or profession.

Racial Relations

The interactions and relationships between people of different racial backgrounds, including the dynamics of power, prejudice, and cooperation.


A policy or situation where certain services, products, or privileges are restricted to a specific group or individual.

  • Comprehend the concept of "boundary work" in the context of racial relations.

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The term "boundary work" refers to the practices and strategies that people use to maintain, challenge, or transform the boundaries that separate social groups. This can include racial boundaries, as well as other forms of social division such as gender, class, and nationality.