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What is assessment?

A) Formalized testing
B) Mental health diagnosis
C) Gathering of information to form a holistic view of clients
D) A type of treatment approach


The process of evaluating or estimating the nature, ability, or quality of something.

Mental Health Diagnosis

The process of determining through examination and analysis, which mental disorder explains a person's symptoms and behaviors.

Formalized Testing

The process of administering tests under standardized conditions to measure specific aspects of an individual's performance or characteristics.

  • Comprehend the function of appraisal in counseling and its extensive ramifications.

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Assessment is the gathering of information about a client's background, functioning, strengths, and challenges to form a holistic view of their needs, in order to develop an effective treatment plan. It can involve formalized testing, but encompasses much more than that. It does not involve mental health diagnosis, and is not a type of treatment approach in and of itself.