Asked by Olivia Lafrenz on Jul 11, 2024

What is an "ethnic enclave"?

A) a semiautonomous economy,large or small,that is owned,operated,and managed by members of the same immigrant or ethnic community
B) a group of immigrants who are forcibly contained in one place
C) an urban center where people of various nationalities interact and participate in local commerce
D) a group of recent immigrants who participate in collective child raising and caregiving

Ethnic Enclave

A geographic area with high ethnic concentration, characterized by a distinct cultural identity and economic activity.

Semiautonomous Economy

A concept referring to a segment of the economy that operates with a degree of independence, yet is still influenced by the larger national or global economy.

Immigrant Community

A social group consisting of individuals who have moved from their countries of origin to a new country, sharing common cultural or national backgrounds.

  • Describe the concept of an ethnic enclave and its significance in immigrant socio-economic integration.