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What important fact did the founders of Blue River Technology find out during the feasibility study?

A) The target market did not thinking their solution was viable.
B) The manufacturing plant could not make their product.
C) The team members were exaggerating their skills.
D) The product was too much.


Anything tangible or intangible (such as a service) offered by the company.

  • The founders of Blue River Technology discovered a crucial insight about the perception of their solution in the target market.
  • The feasibility study revealed challenges related to the manufacturing plant's ability to produce their product.
  • The team members' skills were found to be exaggerated during the study.

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Feb 18, 2024

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The founders of Blue River Technology discovered during their feasibility study that the target market did not think their solution was viable, which is a crucial insight for any startup as it directly impacts the potential for adoption and success in the market.