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What forms of radioactive emissions can be used to cause damage to cancer cells?

A) Alpha particles
B) Beta particles
C) Gamma rays
D) All of the above

Alpha Particles

Helium nuclei emitted from radioactive substances, consisting of two protons and two neutrons.

Beta Particles

Electrons or positrons with high energy and velocity released by specific radioactive nuclei during their decay process.

Gamma Rays

High-energy electromagnetic radiation emitted from atomic nuclei during radioactive decay, with shorter wavelengths than X-rays.

  • Identify the applications of radioactive substances in medical diagnosis and therapy.

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All of the above forms of radioactive emissions—alpha particles, beta particles, and gamma rays—can be used in radiation therapy to damage or destroy cancer cells. Each type of radiation has different properties and can be used depending on the type, location, and stage of the cancer being treated.