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What did Courbet employ in the The Stone Breakers to convey the dismal nature of manual labor?

A) A blend of soft pastels for the stones
B) A palette of dirty browns and grays
C) Swirling, diagonal lines
D) Bright color highlights

The Stone Breakers

A painting by Gustave Courbet completed in 1849, representing two peasants breaking rocks, symbolizing the harshness of manual labor.

Manual Labor

Work that requires physical activity and is often of a skilled or unskilled nature, as opposed to intellectual or desk-based work.

  • Consider the influence of art in showcasing and shaping public values and standpoints.
  • Analyze the thematic aspects related to suffering, sublimity, and the depiction of everyday individuals in art.

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Courbet used a palette of dirty browns and grays in "The Stone Breakers" to emphasize the grim reality and dismal nature of manual labor, reflecting his commitment to depicting the life of the common man with realism.