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What are the characteristics of antisocial personality disorder? What biological factors may be involved in its development?


Structure of the limbic system critical in emotions such as fear.

  • Understanding the characteristics of antisocial personality disorder
  • Identifying the impact of biological factors on the development of antisocial personality disorder

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▪ Characteristics-impairment in the ability to form positive relationships, tendency to engage in behaviors that violate basic rights of others and social norms and values, deceitful, tendency to commit violent criminal offenses, show little remorse, poor control of impulses, often take chances and seek thrills with no concern for danger, easily bored and restless
▪ Development-genetic influence, low levels of serotonin lead to poor impulse control, differences in the structure or functioning of the temporal and frontal lobes of the brain, deficits in verbal skills and in the executive functions of the brain, low levels of arousability leading to either low levels of fear or stimulation seeking behaviors, testosterone levels