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Users of the popular GPS app Waze periodically report driving conditions while on the road,allowing all users to benefit from live traffic updates.Waze is an example of crowdsourcing because ______.

A) users have free access to the same traffic information
B) users freely contribute traffic information for use by the app
C) the app has a very large and loyal user base
D) the app asks for donations at the end of each drive


The process of using the Internet to attract, aggregate, and manage ostensibly inexpensive or even free labor from enthusiastic customers and like-minded people.

  • Understanding the concept of crowdsourcing and its application in the context of Waze.
  • Recognizing the benefits of crowdsourcing in providing live traffic updates.
  • Identifying the role of users in contributing and sharing traffic information.

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Crowdsourcing involves obtaining information or input from a large group of people, usually through an open call for contributions. In the case of Waze, users freely contribute traffic information while using the app, allowing all users to benefit from the latest live traffic updates.