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Two technicians are discussing the measurement of antifreeze concentration in coolant.Technician A uses a hydrometer to test the coolant.Technician B uses a refractometer to test the coolant.Who is correct?

A) A only
B) B only
C) both A and B
D) neither A nor B


A tool used to measure the specific gravity of a liquid, such as coolant or battery acid. Light passing through the tool refracts based on the liquid the light passes through. Results are shown on a scale.


An instrument used to measure the specific gravity of liquids, commonly used in battery maintenance.

  • Compare and contrast different methods of measuring antifreeze concentration in vehicle coolant systems.

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Both technicians are correct because a hydrometer and a refractometer are both valid tools for measuring the concentration of antifreeze in coolant. A hydrometer measures the specific gravity of the liquid, while a refractometer measures how light bends, or refracts, through the liquid.